Anissa Ait-Bouja

Hexagon Marketing

During my time at Hexagon, I worked closely with the Senior Art Director to assist and create corporate and conference designs. I provided support for the graphic design team through various channels; print, digital, web, video and more. Prepared images to coincide with social and blog posts. I also had a hand in assisting with their yearly conference, HxGN Live 2017 in Las Vegas, with booth designs, track agendas, and more.

2018 corporate calendar. Click to see front and back. 

Desktop calendar. Click for more. 

Here is a website headers for one of their divisions. 

Social Cards for Twitter.

HxGN Live conference designs. Click for more.

One out of many tack agendas created for HxGN Live Conference. Click for more.

Logo exploration for a division. Final logo on website enclosed.

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